Red Hill


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Artist: Wadada Leo Smith, Saft, Morris, Pándi EAN 13 (CD): 5060197760557 Cat. No. (CD): RNR044 EAN 13 (VINYL): 5060197760564 Cat. No. (VINYL): RNR044LP

There is a sense of mystery, majesty and daring surrounding this remarkably deep studio session, the first of its kind for the adventurous renegade label RareNoise.

Each piece resounds with such compelling, conversational, in-the-moment playing that it sets a new standard in collective improvisation.

Fueled by the urgent high note blasts and expressive muted trumpet work of avant-garde icon Wadada Leo Smith and underscored by an uncanny group-think of RareNoise stalwarts Jamie Saft (Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber Pup, Plymouth, The New Standard) on keyboards, Joe Morris (Plymouth, Slobber Pup, One) on acoustic bass and Balazs Pandi (Obake, Merzbow, Haino, Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber Pup, One) on drums, Red Hill is a kind of clarion call for the new avant-garde.

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